Saturday, November 17, 2007

And They're Off Again!

Because Thursday's drive was so long, Tina and the boys took a mini break from the drive and just rested. Chris's Uncle and Aunt got part of the day off from work Friday so they could have a little bit of time to say hello. And since Tina's an early bird instead of a night owl, they just stayed the night and took off westward this morning.

Tina called me at 10am Arizona time and said that she'd left about two hours earlier. She was just coming up to the California/Arizona border she figured, and had about 2½ hours of driving left before reaching Hemet. But since she's about to enter the last time zone of her journey, she will gain one more hour and should get there at or a little before lunchtime!

'Last I checked, her overall trip plans have changed just a little. She discovered that the boys do better in the car if they don't push it too hard on the road, so Tina is hoping to spend the rest of today and tomorrow in Hemet. If they leave bright and early Monday morning as planned, she'd get in to Red Bluff late Monday night. And that way, they will still have about three days to recover before continuing North.

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