Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Temple Texas

When they gave him the orders that he was going Air Born we were going to Fort Worth North Carolina, but Chris asked to have them pulled so we could be together again. We got him back on October sixth and we enjoyed a few days together before I got sick with a kidney infection and he ended up taking care of me for a week and a half I was unable to take care of the kids let a lone myself so he took the kids to Sarah's and we picked them up the day before the movers came to get our stuff, "I was still sick but was getting better"when we got them back. We left the day after the movers came which was a Monday and got here on the following Sunday afternoon. We staid in a Hotel until we could get the paperwork on the apartment settled and then got our stuff the following Monday. We are now almost settled and he reported to duty on the second of November it is still really new but it is really nice haven's him back we are all doing well and hope to keep this up dated thanks for your patience. Tina