Wednesday, August 03, 2011


I bet you thought I forgot about my blog well ....your right I did and I was going through my e-mail and got a link to my blog ... now that's kinda sad :( but I do I think have good news for you all to maybe up lift your day I am due December 27, 2011..... yes I said it.... I am going to have another baby believe it or not I am still trying to believe it myself so don't feel bad if your a bit surprised. I am not going to find out what it is solely because we have four boys so far and I don't want to think it might be a girl and then it be another boy not that having another boy is a bad thing I just kinda really want my girl and no we were not trying for a girl we were done but God had other plans for us as you can see. Well thank you for not forgetting about me it has been nice to share with you our news I will try to keep you informed on how we are I hope.