Friday, July 06, 2007

"Forth Of July In Texas"

Well to start with I should tell you that Chris is on a base in Southern California training for Iraq right know he left last month, and I am hoping to have him home by the middle of this month. Last I heard he was doing well.
On forth of July we went to a park near by that they were going to have some fire works at, and parked out on the grass where everyone was told to park. The fire works started around nine and Matthan had fallen asleep on the way. We had fallowed a friend who lived across the parking lot from us that we did play dates with. I had Andrew, Matthan, and Emily, Amanda's two year old little girl with me. On the way there the kids were really excited and were really wound up. Once we got parked it started to rain, that lasted for about thirty minutes. When it let up we got out and let the kids play " in the mud" and they got soo dirty but they had fun. Matthan woke up and he was scared of the noise but he didn't cry just was trembling for a while. I put Andrew on the hood of the car and sat next to him rocking matthan since he was so scared. Once Matthan caught on to the fact that they were not bad he started to say fire and point at them. We called Daddy's cell phone ....even know I new it was at my house, and left him a message telling him all about it and that we missed him. That was heard since we couldn't even talk to him, but we got to hear his voice mail which was nice. Once it was over every one started to leave and they were making a mess in the mud so I just waited until most of the cars were gone and went out a different way and didn't have a problem at all just got the car a bit dirty since it was real muddy. That was are Forth of July it turned out good even know it did try to rain us out and daddy was not there we still had fun witch was grate.