Monday, December 18, 2006

The trip to Texas.

We left Everett, Washington on Tuesday October seventeenth at two in the afternoon. The kids went to sleep shortly after we left town and we were cruising. It was late when we got into Red bluff, California, but the kids were only awake for about four hours of the trip at that point between there nap and bed time it worked out perfectly. We got a hotel and spent the night there.
The morning of the eighteenth Wednesday we called my Mom and asked if they wanted to meet us at the hotel since we were trying to keep going and didn't have a lot of time to stay. She said she would get there after she picked up Dad from work. Isaac and Gloria met us at the hotel room before Gloria had to go to school, and we packed up and headed over to Virginia's. Later Mom, Aunt Jewel, and Aunt Cathey met us at Virginia's apartment we staid and talked for a while and enjoyed being together. Once we left Virginia's we got gas, some groceries, and we were on the road again this time leaving around one thirty. The kids played for a while, I gave Matthan a bottle, and he went to sleep shortly after that. We were cruising again so far no traffic, rain, snow or ice the weather was grate and we were very grateful. We got into Apple valley around three in the morning and got a hotel there. Yes this was in just one days drive it was a long day though. We made it threw the big cites thankfully during the night when there was less traffic.
Thursday the nineteenth we got up late, I think around ten and the kids were up early like seven so we didn't get as good of sleep as we could have. We got gas and something to eat at a Taco Delmar place in the gas station and we were off again. This was not as good a day as the last few, but considering the circumstances those were really good days too. We didn't get as far we wanted since we kept having to stop for one resin or another. Matthan was tired of being in the car it was hot and Andrew was having a heard time staying entertained since it was so hot and he had been in the car for the last few days with little breaks. We got to a little town called "The Grand Canyon, Arizona" around three in the afternoon. We had an early dinner and called Sarah and told her how everything was going and Andrew was real happy to talk to her again too. We spent the night at the little adobe restaurant slash hotel place it was a pretty cool place. So far we were doing good no car trouble and the kids were doing way better than I had expected and we were making good headway.
On Friday twentieth we went the I-max Theodore and saw the Grand Canyon from a birds I view, that was amazing. Then went to the Grand Canyon itself and stopped at almost every view point there was. We had tons of fun and got a lot of pictures. We left the Grand Canyon around two in the afternoon. We stopped at a gift shop along the highway it was pretty net we found some little moccasins ,Andrew was thrilled but Matthan didn't know what to think of them . We spent the night in Sana Rosa, New Mexico after a long days drive.
On Saturday the twenty first we headed out hoping to get to make all the way to Temple Texas but it was a lot further than we had thought. We spent that night in Wichita Falls, Texas it had been a hot drive and Matthan had a heard time dealing with it but we did ok considering.
On Sunday the twenty second we headed to Temple, Texas it was like a half a days dive down there. We spent the night in the Moose Lodge Hotel in Temple, Texas. We were realizing that Texas was not as flat as we had imagined it, and we found a lot of tornado shelters which made me a little nervous I have to admit, but the rest stops were really nice.
We looked at the apartments that we had contacted over the Internet and all we could do was wait until the next day since it was Sunday so we just hung out in the hotel room.
On Monday the twenty third we got to look at the apartments but we didn't get them until that afternoon. Our stuff got there before we did so it had already gone into storage by then so we had to wait for a week to it get out. That morning we didn't check out before we left the hotel so we staid there another night since we were paying for another night anyway.
Tuesday the twenty fourth we finely got into our apartment.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Life In The Military !!!

Hi Everyone, I am finely able to get back to keeping you all informed on how our life is treeting us.
Chris is doing good, and his sargents really like him they are trying to help him get into Warrant Officer school he is really happy about that.
I am doing good and so are the chillis.
Matthan has aquired six teeth now, and he is sitting up by himself very well. He is off the charts as far as his sise but he is very healthy.
Andrew on the other hand is just starting to gain weight again. He is doing realy well with his counting, and we have been working on his ABC's witch he thinks are fun.
Andrew loves reading the Bible, praying, and sing from the childrens hymn book.
Meeting is two and a half hours away so it makes it heard to make it .....Wortham is where it's located.
Well I need to go Chris just got home and I need to get him dinner thanks for being concerned.