Thursday, March 15, 2007

The three stooges

Hay everyone just an update on our lives, hope all is well with you.

On Saturday we got to take the kids to a BBQ which was fun, but I forgot the camera so I don't have any pictures to show sorry. Although we enjoyed the afternoon with Sargent Campaign, his wife Stephine and there four girls ages three, five, seven, and nine. Matthan stood up by himself for the first time while we were there. He was playing in the sand box from the outside, and he just stood up slowly, and stood there for a brief moment just looking at us. I was really excited about it. I sure enjoy watching them progress. Later in the afternoon they all joined in the fairly good size kid swimmimg pool and yo-yo between their tales, and the sand box when they were not caught for about three hours, they had soo much fun it was grate. After lunch they weren't aloud back in the pool so Andrew and the girls made good use of the swing set they had there, I found him too daring, he tried to use it like a jungle gym instead of just playing on it like you normally would. We spent about six hewers there and we all had a blast. Matthan only got in the pool long enough to decide that it was just too cold for his liking not to mention it was too rough with everybody splashing and having fun. But they gave him rides in the wagon, helped him walk around, give him his bottle, and even tried to carry him he was just too spoilt that day. On our way home both Andrew, and Matthan were out before we even got to the interstate minutes away from their house. Well I thought I would share our outing and let every one know that we are all doing good and miss them a lot.