Monday, April 30, 2007

Some pictures from my picture phone.

My free time!!! yeah :)

Were hiding from the camera.

Boys think everything is edible.

Matthan is not to sure about that remote controlled truck.

Working on there trucks.

It's so nice when there content.

He sure loves his bananas

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hi there eveyone.

Hi there, We are doing good Matthan started to walk last week and he is doing real well. Andrew is getting tall he is up to the top of my hip know, and I don't know what to do with him, he is very creative and loves to act like Matthan. They have this thing going, who can get the closest to Mommy or Daddy they are very competitive Well the news on our living situation ...yes we were trying to move on or near base so Chris doesn't have as far to drive, but we were unable to break the lease, and we just got news that our soldiers are not going over to Iraq until November third to the twenty third of this year so we have about three months more then we thought we had ....witch I am VERY HAPPY about since they were leaving in August. Chris has been moved to headquarters recently I don't know what he does yet but that is where he is working know. I am busy doing the usual keep up with everything, We just got a whole bunch of clothes from the next door neighbor so I have been going threw and washing a lot of clothes lately, but other than that not a whole lot going on. I took the boys to the swimming Pool last week and Matthan loved it, but Andrew said it was too cold. Later on last week we had some meager thunder storms they shook the apartment, and kind of scared me, but everything was fine. Well thanks for your patience I will be trying to get some more pictures up soon so hang in there.