Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hi there yes I am actually adding a little something to my blog.

It has been a while since I have been on here unfortunately but here I am.
We are moving again Chris is going to Arizona for M I ( Military Intelligence) school on the tenth of July 09 and I am staying with a friend while he is in school and once he gets out in November of 09 we will be stationed at Fort Bliss here in Texas. We were going to Alaska up until Chris put in to have the orders canceled so for those that heard that we were going to Alaska that was right up until a month or so ago. Our boys are doing good and growing fast we are still able to do some things at home to lurn and study our Lord and Matthan doing good luring his memory verse's which is real exciting for me. Andrew is getting tall and he is looking forward to starting school this fall we are not sure where but we will soon find out. Caelan is walking real well and he has the stars mastered and he tries to boss his brothers around he is a little copy cat.
Thank you for all your prayers they have been very much appreciated and felt I am looking forward to the privilege of going to be with the saints of our precious Lord and Saviour and be able to remember him in his death again soon.