Monday, November 26, 2007

Hi there.... yes it's me finally!!!

Well we enjoined Canada conference and the boys did amazingly well, they only had a few mess ups and that was less then what I had excepted. The ministry and the fellowship was worth the drive thank you all for the concerns and especially for your prayers we definitely needed them. We are at my sister Johnathan and Joy Csanyi's home in Surrey BC, and will be staying threw the end of the week with them. I will let you know more as time progresses I do hope to make it to LA Conference Lord willing.

Friday, November 23, 2007


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Tina made it! She pulled in at 11pm. Safe, Happy and EXHAUSTED! She traveled for 17½ hours and covered 750 miles today making her trip total 2,450 miles and 47 hours long. And she did all this pregnant, with two active little boys and in just seven days!

- posted by ioi

Friday, November 23rd - 4:30 PM

Tina was just coming up to Seattle at 4:30. The border lineup is still at least 3 hours long, so she'll be getting in late... probably around 9ish. I've got to go.. we're on our way in for the prayer meeting.

- posted by ioi

On The Road Again

Tina left Red Bluff at 5:30 this morning. As of 11:30, she was ten miles north of Eugene, Oregon. That's five miles past the halfway mark in 6 hours of driving! In other words, she's making wonderful time, and will possibly make it for supper at the meeting room before the conference begins with a prayer meeting tonight! Of course, much depends on the border line up which is pretty bad right now, but there's a chance that it will go down in the next 6 hours. Please keep her and the boys in your prayers.

- posted by ioi

Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday, November 19th - 5:30 PM

When Tina called me at 5:30, she was only 13 miles from Red Bluff which means she would be at my mom's CPR/First Aid office in less than 15 minutes. She'll be staying with my parents until either Thursday night or Friday morning I believe. Then she'll have one more long day of driving to make it up to BC.

The drive today went reasonably well - she missed the I5 just south of Bakersfield and ended up on the hwy 99 at Delano before she realized it. She called me about that around noon and I googled a map and gave her directions over the phone for the most direct route back to the I5. It meant she had to backtrack about 40 miles, but it was worth it considering the time she'd save by driving the I5 verses the single lane Hwy 99. And it looks like she missed the rush hour traffic around Sacramento since she made it to Red Bluff before 6pm. Tina had called me about 40 miles south of Sacramento at 3:30 this afternoon to give me an update on her progress.

I just called her about 20 minutes ago (6:45ish) and she was waiting for my mom at a restaurant with Lil' G (our youngest sister), Lil' G's boyfriend and Little-Lan (Renée's son). From the sound of it, they were having tons of fun. So, unless Tina updates me while she's in Red Bluff, I'll probably won't post here again until she's on her way north again.

Today's travel distance was 650 miles and took just over 9 hours. Trip total: 1,700 miles in 30 hours.

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Well, Tina and her boys are on their way north now. They were leaving Hemet around 8:15 this morning. I could really tell from talking to her this morning, that she had a wonderful time. She just kept bubbling with joy as she told me about her stay.

I'm really glad she was able to stop there even if it was just for a day and a half. She got to at least see all of the family in Hemet while she was there, and got an extra surprise when SAJ and BB showed up too!

Anyway, she's attempting to travel about 600 miles today and hopes to make it in 10 hours or so. I'll post again when she calls and stays she's stopped for the night - after all, there are some pretty boring stretches on the I5 ahead of her, so there's always a chance she'll take a few extra breaks along the way!

For those of you who have been praying for a safe journey for Tina and the boys - Thank you so much! I can't imagine even daily life without my husband and here my sister is making a 2,000 mile cross-country trip in barely a week!

And please - Keep praying!

- posted by ioi

Saturday, November 17, 2007

As of Saturday, November 17th

Sorry folks, for the lag in posting Tina's progress. My life has been a little bit busier than normal in the last day or two.

I called Tina at 5pm (California time) to find out when/if she made it to Hemet. She had, and they got to the Broccoli home at 1pm. Tina may post if she gets a minute, but right now she and the boys are busy visiting family. About 90% of our family on Dad's side live in Southern CA, so there's lots of people to say 'hi to before hitting the road again on Monday.

Today's travel distance was 300 miles and took about 5 hours. Trip total so far: 1,050 miles in 22 hours.

- posted by ioi

And They're Off Again!

Because Thursday's drive was so long, Tina and the boys took a mini break from the drive and just rested. Chris's Uncle and Aunt got part of the day off from work Friday so they could have a little bit of time to say hello. And since Tina's an early bird instead of a night owl, they just stayed the night and took off westward this morning.

Tina called me at 10am Arizona time and said that she'd left about two hours earlier. She was just coming up to the California/Arizona border she figured, and had about 2½ hours of driving left before reaching Hemet. But since she's about to enter the last time zone of her journey, she will gain one more hour and should get there at or a little before lunchtime!

'Last I checked, her overall trip plans have changed just a little. She discovered that the boys do better in the car if they don't push it too hard on the road, so Tina is hoping to spend the rest of today and tomorrow in Hemet. If they leave bright and early Monday morning as planned, she'd get in to Red Bluff late Monday night. And that way, they will still have about three days to recover before continuing North.

- posted by ioi

Thursday, November 15, 2007

All in a Day's Drive

Tina made it in one piece to Glendale, Arizona where she's staying the night with family. They got in right around 9:30 pm AZ time - tired and ready for a good night's rest.

1050 miles and 17 hours of travel. I'll say that's pretty good for an expecting mom with two active little boys! Way to go Tina!!

- posted by ioi

November 15th - 5pm (NM time)

I just got off the phone with Tina. She was just coming into Deming, NM. That's halfway between Texas and Arizona and 750 miles from where they started this morning! She has about 3 more hours of driving before she should reach her destination where she'll stay overnight with Chris' Uncle and Aunt.

She hit road construction somewhere between El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM, but she thinks she'll still reach Glendale, AZ by bed time. Pray for her though, she's not a night person, and she'll be driving in the dark for the next couple hours.

The boys have handled the drive today well. They took a 3 hour nap after lunch and have had two half hour 'get-out-and-stretch' breaks. Tina sounded like she was handling the drive well herself too! Stay tuned!

- posted by ioi

On The Road!

Tina and the boys hit the road at 5:30 this morning (Texas time). So far the intended route looks like the following:

Day 1 get to Glendale, AZ.
Day 2 get to Hemet, CA
Day 3 get to Red Bluff, CA
Day 9 get to BC, Canada.

Check back for more updates and to watch her progress as she makes her way West and North over the next few days.

- posted by ioi

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Week So Far

Well this is change since I have been neglecting this so much, in fact there has been little I have kept up on the last few months but, now I am back so you might be seeing a little more of me if all goes well.
As you all should know by know Chris left for his truer in Iraq at eleven thirty am. on the fifth. Well, he wrote me, and said that he stopped in Main, and Germany on his way to Kuwait which I guess they had a side mission for them to do there before they got to Iraq since he is spending two weeks there. But he said that he was doing good and they weren't doing all that much at the time.
As for myself, I have been busy as a bee getting everything organised, and packed ever since he left. I was going to come up the first of December, but I was having such a heard time with him not being there and the thought that the soonest I will get to see him was in seven months I decided to leave by the fifteenth so could be in time for Canada conference.
So this is how I came about my decision; The day he left was real heard and the next not much better I had a heard time falling asleep and woke up at three in the morning, and could not go back to sleep for the life of me the first night. So I left that morning to go get boxes to put his stuff away thinking that if it were out of site it would be out of mind, but it only helped a little.
So I rearranged my room which didn't help much so I started filling the leftover boxes with stuff I ran out of boxes that evening. That night I fell asleep a little easier but I woke up at five, and I decided after struggling to go back to sleep I would get boxes, and just started packing.
Well, I got a lot done that day, and had to stop since I ran out of tape The next morning it wasn't any better as far as sleep so went and got more boxes, some newspaper and tape I was on a role. I got the rest packed up except what I was taking with me.
On the ninth I got a car payment for my T-bird that am selling and went and opened a storage unit. That afternoon I started moving stuff with the kids, and we got about seven or eight loads done before I quit at about nine that night, but all I had left was a few real big boxes that were heard to fit which I moved the next day. It ended up being about three more loads so now all the boxes are moved but I am having a moving truck take the furniture this afternoon.
It turned out pretty good since I was going to rent a U-Hall truck to move everything at once, but they had a moving truck they would let me use for free. They said they would help me move the furniture so I decided to start cleaning while I waited for when they could do it which wasn't until today.
I am almost done and a little ahead of schedule I am getting so excited too.
And it is helping as far as not having Chris around I still am struggling to get rest but at least I am not so down about it now. Ready or not here I come!!!!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Recent News

Right know is not the time to be blogging but I figured I would put something up so those who are wondering would know what was going on. I found out that I was Pregnant the day after Chris left for NTC, and that was the fifth of October. He got back the eighteenth of October and he left yesterday on his tour over seas. At this point I am doing ok but truly need the prayers I appreciate them so much thank you all who have been praying for us. Well I will try to write something better when I can think strait