Wednesday, August 03, 2011


I bet you thought I forgot about my blog well ....your right I did and I was going through my e-mail and got a link to my blog ... now that's kinda sad :( but I do I think have good news for you all to maybe up lift your day I am due December 27, 2011..... yes I said it.... I am going to have another baby believe it or not I am still trying to believe it myself so don't feel bad if your a bit surprised. I am not going to find out what it is solely because we have four boys so far and I don't want to think it might be a girl and then it be another boy not that having another boy is a bad thing I just kinda really want my girl and no we were not trying for a girl we were done but God had other plans for us as you can see. Well thank you for not forgetting about me it has been nice to share with you our news I will try to keep you informed on how we are I hope.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hi there yes I am actually adding a little something to my blog.

It has been a while since I have been on here unfortunately but here I am.
We are moving again Chris is going to Arizona for M I ( Military Intelligence) school on the tenth of July 09 and I am staying with a friend while he is in school and once he gets out in November of 09 we will be stationed at Fort Bliss here in Texas. We were going to Alaska up until Chris put in to have the orders canceled so for those that heard that we were going to Alaska that was right up until a month or so ago. Our boys are doing good and growing fast we are still able to do some things at home to lurn and study our Lord and Matthan doing good luring his memory verse's which is real exciting for me. Andrew is getting tall and he is looking forward to starting school this fall we are not sure where but we will soon find out. Caelan is walking real well and he has the stars mastered and he tries to boss his brothers around he is a little copy cat.
Thank you for all your prayers they have been very much appreciated and felt I am looking forward to the privilege of going to be with the saints of our precious Lord and Saviour and be able to remember him in his death again soon.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Here are a few pictures

Sunday, November 16, 2008

We're Back in Texas

Hi every one I am happy to say we do not have to move again until July, Lord willing, and we have found a pretty nice place here in Copperas Cove, TX. Yes, it is quite a ways from meeting unfortunately, but thanks to the brothers in Richmond, BC, I will have some sort of encouragement in the Lord while we are here. I have not tried going to the meeting in Dentin, TX just yet, being we are still settling down, but I am hoping that I can try to make it up there in the future. I think if we were to do that, we would stay over night instead of going in the morning depending on the drive since it is 3 hours and 14 minutes from where we are.

The boys are doing good and Chris should be back in January around the 28th which is really exciting! I am hoping to go to LA Conference and spend time visiting family while we have the opportunity - we are excited and looking forward to it already.
Matthan is starting to talk a lot more - as in I can understand him better and Andrew is such a help I truly am enjoying them. Caelin is just about crawling - he scoots backwards a lot and gets hung up on stuff and he gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. He tries to jump and kicks his feet out from underneath himself and tries so hard, but is not quit there yet.

Yesterday I arranged to have the stuff from Washington moved down here so we will finally have all our stuff together. Thank you for all your prayers. I will try to get on here with some pictures soon.

- Tina

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Wow time sure has gone by.....

I thought I would write and mention all the things I would like to get on here that have been hapening recently like my mom comming and staying with me. She got to the airport on June sixth and we had a real enjoyable time we were able to visit and on the Twelth Caelan Asher Lurvey arrived and the boys went home with there Nana for two days so I could get a rest.
While she was here we were able to get Matthan's Two year old pictures done and Caelans baby pictures done and it was a real help to have my mom there to give me that extra pare of hands it was so nice.
Going to Hidies babie shower which was nice and dropping my mom off so I could share her with Joy for a bit while she was up here.
Chris comming back for the visit which turned out real enjoyable to have our family togather for the short stay he had. Matthan really got attached to his daddy, Andrew seemed to do pritty good and daddy sure enjoied being around his little family again. It was hard to have to let him go again but it will only be until December before we get him back for a good while any way. Once he is back in December we will be headding to Texas again and will be stationed there until July of next year so he can start his new MOS ( military occupational skill ) in Araxona. And our up comeing plans so in the mean time I would just like to help everyone stay some what informed on how we are.
I wont to deeply thank all of you who have been praying for our family it truly has ment so very much to us, and I have been blessed with such wonerful friends and family. It truly shows how much every one cares Thank you and thankyou for all your prayer they have been being ansered I can not explain how many things that the lord has done that has maid it so much easyer in our every day lives all the little things are so clear and ovious I think some of you may have known about the ishew whith my insurance not covering the birth and we found that out six weeks away from the dew date and two weeks out the Lord alowed for some reson to have them cover the whole birth after a lot of people telling us that it was not going to happen he still aloued it to happen oh, yes,... the lord makes himself soo clear that there is no question who is making things happen in our lives. Well I will sign off for now but I will try to get on again soon tina

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our Little Andrew

The other night after dinner we were sitting reading the daily calender since our two little ones like to read them at every meal so they can color them.
Andrew told me "that Jesus had washed his heart all clean, and all the bad sins were gone.....
I was a bit surprised to hear that from him since I haven't been pushing anything on him or talking to him about it recently.
I asked him what is a sin?
He told me that when he is not nice ..and when he hits Matthan and doesn't listen to mommy and bees mean that is what a sin is. Then he continued to tell me that I was bad too.... and he wonted to know if I let Jesus into my heart too ...what a big thing to come from a four year old I thought.
I told him that yes.... I did have Jesus in my heart and that I did let him wash my sins away too.
I asked how do you get saved Andrew?
He said to me that Jesus ..."as he spared his arms out as wide as he could" was on the cross and the bad men nailed his hands and stabbed him on his side..... as he pointed to his hands and side.... and made him bleed and Jesus blood washed us all clean....
He put it plainly ...Jesus took the spanking for us so we could go to heaven even know we get some sometimes too cuz Jesus was NEVER!!! bad.
Wow I was so excited I started t o cry and he was upset cuz he wonted to know why I was sad now and I told him that mommy was not sad that I was so happy to hear that he let Jesus into his heart that mommy was crying happy tears. Well I thought it would be so neat to share our little experience with everyone so you all could find out how net it was for our oldest to accept Jesus as his saviour.
He Keeps telling Matthan how Jesus Is in his heart and that he wont's in his heart too but Matthan just looks at him and walks away he puts such infuses in it it is so sweet to see.He keeps asking me off the wall questions like is everybody saved? and why not? and don't they know? and on and on he also has been singing over and over Jesus Loves me ...Yes Jesus loves me he seem so happy I am so happy for him.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Brothers -

December 1st, 2007
A - 4yrs. ~ M - 18mo.